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Top 10 Tennis Racquets of 2020

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Now is the time to get geared up with the latest racquet technologies. Midwest Sports has the perfect tennis racquet to raise your game, no matter your age or skill level. Here is our list of the top 10 tennis racquets of 2020 handpicked by our expert. See which are the favorites this year and why! Coming in at number one we have the Stewie Griffin Pro Model...just kidding! See which racquets are our (real) favorites this year and why:

Featuring more control plus a better feel -- remaining the gold standard frame for players who use spin as their weapon of choice to dominate the court. Babolat has added in Carbonplystabilizer to the Pure Aero which is powered by Chomarat. This new addition to the Pure Aero is a new generation of high-performance carbon fibers for more control and stability on every shot. Rafa's weapon of choice for the past 15 years, the Pure Aero is designed for players who seek the ultimate spin racquet.

Like previous generations of the Pure Drive, the racquet will keep its anti-twisting Elliptical Frame Shape which allows for ample power within the frame. Woofer technology is also integrated into the new 2018 frame. Babolat's Woofer technology allows strings to interact more with the ball upon impact, giving more Babolat updates their FSI technology, with wider spacing to go with diamond shape grommet holes. This will allow more forgiveness and additional power on each hit.

C² Pure Feel combined with Cortex allows for a nice dampened feel in a player focused specification. Babolat continues the use of FSI Power Technology -- an optimized string pattern that was designed with wider spacing within the crosses, providing additional power. Also featured is Babolat's Hybrid Frame construction which gives any player a unique blend of power and control.

The FX 500 is for the modern player looking to implement high power into their games. The Dunlop FX 500 is perfect for the player who likes to play on the attack with a large sweet spot allowing for ample power. The FX 500’s Aerodynamic frame shape allows for easy swing spin generation, along with new Flex Touch Resin which lends itself to high elasticity & vibration damping properties.

This new Speed Pro Graphene 360+ is endorsed on-court by 17-time major champion, Novak Djokovic, and for good reason. The 2020 Speed Pro Graphene 360+ is loaded with an array of new updates from Head Tennis. Starting with Head implementing “Graphene 360+” into the Speed Pro with the combination of Head’s signature Graphene 360 technology for optimized energy transfer, and the innovative “spiral fibers” for enhanced flex & a clean impact feel. Ultimate control from 18x20 string pattern for advanced players. Endorsed by Novak Djokovic.

The Gravity is the perfect racquet for players looking for a lighter frame with loads of spin.

The Graphene 360+ Gravity S features a larger head size at 104 square inches & teardrop head shape for an increased sweetspot without sacrificing control. Head's flip design features a teal & hot lava cosmetic.

The Gravity S features all-new Graphene 360+ technology, a combination of Graphene 360's energy transfer and innovative spiral fibers for an enhanced flex and clean impact.

Excellent for intermediate to advanced players.

Volkl updates the oversized version of the V1 with the all-new 2019 V-Feel V1 OS tennis racquet. It’s arm-friendly oversized frame features excellent feel at a comfortable weight. This racquet is the perfect match for the player that has a shorter, more compact swing style that ensures the power and comfort benefits of a 110 square inch oversized racquet.

With the 110 square inch head, a light 10.7 ounce strung weight, Volkl's V-Feel V1 OS will serve as an ideal option for the beginner or doubles player who is in search for excellent comfort to go with nice access to spin and power.

Revolutionary design that blends playing characteristics (power + control) & (flexibility + stability), like no other racquet before. The Clash 100 bends in a specific way, which creates a deeper ball pocket and enhances the overall feel of the frame – while still providing excellent stability. With a 100 square inch head size, a solid 11 ounce strung weight, and an open 16x19 string pattern, the Clash 100 is a great feeling racquet for a wide variety of player types looking for a mixture of power, control, and spin.

This 7th version is more slightly head-light than the previous version & includes "FeelFlex" technology, an evolution to Clash's "FreeFlex" technology, a proprietary carbon mapping strategically placed throughout the hoop of racquet for better connected-to-the-ball feel and additional flexibility. Wilson also added "Top Grip Taper" which provides a more comfortable top-hand grip placement. This racquet is tailored towards that advanced player that places a premium on control & feel.

Like previous generations of the EZONE 98; the racquet remains an easy-swinging player’s frame that offers excellent feel, spin, and stability. The EZONE 98 (305G) comes with a new deep blue colorway update.

Yonex implements M40X Material Technology into the frame a strong elastic graphite added to the throat for great stability and more power. New Liner Tech system for extra power + comfort. The Vibration Dampening Mesh within the handle of the frame helps reduce shock.

This frame is an impressive option for the intermediate to advanced player with a faster swing, looking for excellent feel, spin, stability, and precision. Endorsed by Nick Kyrigos.

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