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Tecnifibre TFight ISO Racquet Review

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

The TFight gets a clean visual update along with increased playability, power, and precision with the help of the new ISOFLEX technology.

Tecnifibre TFight ISO Racquet picture on court

The Brand

Until recent years, Tecnifibre was not a well-known brand to the masses. The French brand has been around for 44 years and has just recently really earned some of the spotlight. A large part of this ascendance is due to the rise of Daniil Medvedev and Iga Swiatek earning the world No. 1 position in 2022 whilst using a Tecnifibre racquet. Along with the late success during the summer swing of tennis by Chris Eubanks and Tallon Griekspoor. In this racquet review, we will be focusing on the Tecnifibre TFight ISO, if you are interested in seeing Tecnifibre's whole line check out Tennis-Point.

Daniil Medvedev is the face of the new Tecnifibre TFight ISO 305, the former US Open Champion has brought light back to the brand, and for good reason. This racquet is a top-of-the-line intermediate to advanced-level racquet. The style of play is suited for people who love to redirect pace and want a maneuverable racquet that harbors power and precision. Fitting the style exactly of how Daniil Medvedev plays. If you don't feel this is your playstyle, read further to understand how this racquet still could be a good fit.

Tecnifibre Tfight ISO 305 spec sheet list graphic
Tecnifibre TFight ISO comes in 6 different weights: 270, 280, 295, 300, 305, & 315

I have played with tons of different racquets in the 305 weight category, and none of them packed more of a balanced playstyle than this racquet. Whether it was gaining easy depth or whipping through the zone to get to the ball on the run. You might wonder with a heavy swing weight of 335 kg*sq. cm compared to other 305 racquets how does it maneuver so well? It seemingly cuts through the strike zone effortlessly and has phenomenal stability compared to the other 305s on the lighter end of the swing weight spectrum.

Special Attributes

Let's talk about the technology of the TFight ISO. The RS Section is something they brought back from the last model of the TFight. Most racquets fall under the category of either having a square-shaped frame (control-oriented frame) or an elliptical-shaped frame (power-oriented frame). The TFight combines these for the best of both worlds, ultimately creating a 5 sided shaped frame that delivers on both power and control.

Tecnifibre's signature 18x19 string pattern is everything you desire to maximize the racquet's performance. This 18x19 string pattern is done to increase the control of the frame while staying open enough you aren't sacrificing any power compared to other 18x20 305 frames. I personally believe this is the best string pattern available.

Lastly, the ISOFLEX technology, essentially what this is is variable racquet stiffness. Where the strings are stiffer and shorter the racquet is more stiff, meanwhile, where the longest strings are the softer the frame. This creates overall more stability and success on off-center strikes. This was definitely a noticeable increase in playability via increased power outside of the sweet spot.

Who is this racquet for?

The TFight has a beautiful blend of power, spin, and control fit for the steady baseliner. Though the swing weight is heavy you can get away without having a very high level swing speed. The racquet maneuvers excellently for a stick with a heavy swing weight, so really any play style will work with this stick.

Net play and serves both feel very solid with their ISOFLEX technology that allows for supreme stability. I would say the only thing that makes it less of a beginner-friendly racquet is the heavy swing weight and the grip shape is known to be more rectangular than other grips causing a slightly different fit to the hand. I recommend Intermediate to Advanced players should look to try this racquet out.

If you currently use a Babolat Pure Strike, Solinco Whiteout, or a Yonex Vcore you will feel it plays somewhat similar. Again if you are looking for a racquet with precision and spin this racquet will fulfill both of these and some.

The look

Aside from all the technology, this racquet is stunning! It has such a clean look with unique finishes that add that pop you want on the court. My personal favorite feature is the way they hide the strings within the grommets and the red-to-blue gradient that has the appearance of stitching going up the side of the racquet's head.

Check out the Collab @tecnifibre did with @tennis_point_usa

Final Thoughts

Tecnifibre is really making moves in the tennis world, and the TFight ISO is the catalyst to this brand's ascension. There are very few racquets that can compete in a baseline exchange with TFight due to its unique technology that enhances its precision, power, and spin. If you are interested in the Tecnifibre TFight ISO check out Tennis-point, as they have the best tennis gear options available worldwide.

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