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The Best Tennis Racquets for Beginners

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

In this weird time, it seems that more people are hitting the courts for the first time. Whether you are a parent introducing your kids to the sport or a lapsed player getting back out there, you will find that the right racquet will help your game and keep you wanting to play more.

At Midwest Sports, we’re always looking at the market for racquets that will best suit the beginner. Below are our favorites. All have a good balance of power, stability and control. They also come pre-strung and are priced right.

The Head Titanium TiS6 is best suited to a beginner because it has a larger sweetspot. It is also suited to the player with a slow to medium speed swing, while learning control. An open string pattern further enhances the sweetspot without sacrificing control. The ultra-light swing weight maximizes maneuverability, while the super-stiff construction maximizes power on any stroke.

The Babolat Drive Max 110 is geared to the beginning to intermediate player possessing a slow to moderate swing, who will appreciate the slightly lighter and more maneuverable feel versus the regular Pure Drive. It also offers added forgiveness on off center hits thanks to the 0.5 inch added length and 110 sq. in. head size.

The Aero 112 offers plenty of power to go along with a comfortable response. The Aero 112 is a very maneuverable racquet (9.8 ounces strung). It offers players who have a slower, compact swing to really get around on their swing and generate a good amount of pace on their shots. Up at the net this racquet is very stable, perfect for players who like to be aggressive and go for winners while volleying.

The Aero 112 tennis racquet is also packed with performance features including technology which cancels out vibrations, allowing for a smooth comfortable response off of the string bed. An Aeromodular beam design produces 11% less drag than the previous Aero 112. All in all, the Babolat Aero 112 is a solid option for beginners who have a slower swing looking for a lightweight, powerful frame with a comfortable feel.

The Babolat Aero G value frame falls into the “game racquets” category – best for the beginning tennis player looking for the right racquet with the same look and similar technology pieces. The Aero G is the ideal frame for beginners or junior players looking to move up to their first full-size frame. This full-graphite frame is inspired by the older Pure Aero collection. It comes in at a comfortable weight of 10.1 ounces strung. At 102 square inches, the Aero G features a nice large sweet spot, which allows for cleaner hits off the frame. The Aero G is a more aerodynamic frame thanks to Aero-Modular technology.

The Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Oversize is very versatile in that it offers a moderately stiff beam that generates ample power without losing control. Amazingly lightweight and maneuverable, the Hyper Hammer 5.3 is designed for the beginning to intermediate player with a moderate swing speed. It offers Hammer Weighting balance for excellent power and stability.

The Head Graphene Extreme Mid Plus has a special combination of weight and balance that gives you extra power while still giving you the maneuverability you want. The Extreme MP is constructed of lightweight Innegra fiber for improved shock absorption and stability. This racquet features the use of Graphene – the world’s lightest and strongest material that allows for an optimal redistribution of weight from tip to grip, producing increased swingweight without sacrificing maneuverability, for more penetrating shots.

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