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The 5 Best Value Tennis Shoes

Updated: Oct 11, 2023


Top 5 value tennis shoes

It doesn't matter if you are a recreational player or playing a tournament every weekend, having the right footwear is essential. While high-end tennis shoes can be appealing, there are fantastic budget-friendly options available that provide excellent performance without emptying your wallet. In this blog, we'll explore the Top 5 Value Tennis Shoes that offer a winning combination of quality, comfort, and style, making them perfect for players of all levels. All gear listed in this blog can be found at the wonderful Tennis-Point you will find the right tennis shoes for you: a pair that will help you play your best while matching your personal style.

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The Top Choice

Asics Gel Challenger 14

At first glance, you might mistake the Asics Gel Challenger 14's for their premium shoe the Gel Resolutions! This shoe truly has the looks of a $165 shoe but at a reduced price of only $94.95. On top of this, this shoe can perform thanks to its stability built in from the DYNAWINGTM technology. That outsole is effectively the same as the Gel Resolutions as well, allowing for stopping and starting on a dime. There is little to no break in time with the Gel Challengers as Asics have some of the most comfortable shoes on the market.

Where this shoe gets a ding is breathability, since the entire upper lacks mesh it can get a little warm, there are only a few little holes on the toe box to help with breathability in the forefoot. Regardless, this shoe comes in multiple colors and is a great option for all players looking for comfort and stability in a relatively light shoe!

A Strong Performer

adidas Court Jam Control

Similarly to the Asics Gel Challenger 14s these shoes are based on their premium sibling shoes, the adidas Barricade 2023. The adidas Court Jam Control's have a basic but sweet appearance with mesh primarily covering the whole foot. adidas is kind enough to add in some durability features like a toe guard and a ADITUFF zone on the outsole allowing for extended play duration. My one downside for this shoe is that it can be bit long on some people's feet.

The Court Jam Control's are extremely breathable and lightweight which will be appealing to most players. Alongside this they have great lockdown on your feet which is something not all value shoes typically achieve. The adidas Court Jam Control comes in multiple colors and fits most of the casual players games.

A Supportive Performer

k Swiss Bigshot Light 4

K-Swiss may not be a brand that everyone first thinks of when looking for tennis shoes but they consistently put out well put together shoes year in and year out. The K-Swiss Bigshot Light 4's continue this trend with the 4th generation of a value shoe checking all the boxes. The shoe looks beefier than the actual weight it has, I'd describe this shoe as even lightweight.

The Bigshot Light 4 has good durable outsoles along with a similar torsion system as its best selling shoe the Hypercourt Express. Like most of the K-Swiss shoes they are a quite comfortable right out of the box. The K-Swiss Bigshot Light 4's are a great shoe for the frequent or new tennis player and comes in various colors!

A Unique Fit

Babolat SFX 3

Over the years the Babolat SFX has gained a bit of following for its roomy toe-box, this shoe is considered a WIDE fit but the mainly due to the forefoot. If you are someone who has a medium size foot don't shy away from trying this shoe out as it still might fit your foot nicely. I've found that the Babolat shoes need little to no time to break in.

The upper on these shoes are made of mesh allowing for good breathability, alongside this, they have Michelin Rubber outsoles that have phenomenal durability. I recommend trying this shoe out if you feel the toe box in other shoes are to narrow or if you want a roomy fit, most playstyles will enjoy the Babolat SFX 3 in its various colorways.

The True Wide

Wilson Rush Pro Ace WIDE

We know Wilson for their racquets but Wilson has been doing such a good job with their shoe and apparel products, the Wilson Rush Pro Ace's are no different. For a shoe coming in under $100 this shoe hits most the marks of a premium shoe. The finishes are great, have good breathability, are comfortable, and light, and come in wide. A knock I see from this shoe is the Insole tends to move around a little bit.

Otherwise, this shoe is a bit of a speedster, only weighing 12.5 oz for a men's size 10.5, it is built to zoom across the court. The Wilson Rush Pro Ace Wide comes in various colors and is a shoe I recommend for wide-foot players who want a fast shoe and comfort out of the box. It's also a great shoe for Pickleball!


You don't have to break the bank to find top-notch tennis shoes. These Top 5 Value Tennis Shoe options, from trusted brands like K-Swiss, Asics, adidas, Babolat and Wilson, offer a winning combination of performance, comfort, and style without draining your wallet. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, these budget-friendly tennis shoes will have you serving style and savings on the court. Head on over to Tennis-Point, so you can lace up your new shoes and hit the courts!

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