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Best Tennis Shoes for Hard Court Sliding

After watching the most thrilling 3 set matches in recent memory with Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz sliding around those beautiful blue summer hard courts, I felt inclined to talk about hard court sliding. Firstly let me state that sliding is a high-level tennis skill and should be taken seriously. If you are not playing tournament-level tennis, you should likely not be sliding as the risks to your body are likely not worth it. That being said you are free to slide if you want, just know the risk.

In this article, I will showcase the Best Tennis Shoes for Hard Court Sliding that Tennis-Point has to offer. Some of these shoes will be great for power and support while others are focused on pure speed and stop-start ability, all of these shoes will have great durability.

Best Tennis Shoes for Hard Court Sliding 2023

Team Yellow Picks

All the options discussed below are marquee performance sneakers in the market, they are also available in Men's and Women's styles.

adidas Barricade 2023

There is no doubt that you have seen an adidas Barricade on the court before, still a very popular all-around awesome shoe 23 years after its first model was released. The reason that this shoe makes the list is for its herringbone toe guard. If you are a very aggressive mover you will love that now you have essentially an outsole tread on the side of your toe where you slide constantly. There won't be many better options for stopping your slides as well as protecting your feet than this shoe.

Asics Gel Resolution 9s with Picture of shoe

The adidas Barricade 2023 comes in at a premium price but you will be purchasing a very durable shoe for a very aggressive style of play. It's really a match made in heaven for sliders in need of durability.

Asics Gel Resolution 9

Not many shoes can hold a candle to how well put together the Asics Gel Resolution is year in and year out. In this year's model, the Gel Resolution 9's stand somewhat in between a pivoting grippy shoe and a sliding shoe. You will find many college and pro players using this shoe as it is a favorite for its best-in-class attributes. It will take a more advanced slider to utilize the attributes of this shoe but it is such a good shoe it's hard not to include it on the list.

Asics Gel Resolution 9 with picture powered by tennis point

The Asics Gel Resolution 9 is so balanced across the board that it is likely the best shoe on the market for most performance players. With that being said it will be a great addition to sliders who need some more stopping power or support on the medial side of their foot.

Asics Court FF 3 Novak

As the name says worn by the Greatest of all time, you know this shoe is built for performance. If you do not like slipper tongues (aka one-piece uppers) then you should skip this shoe. Otherwise, this is going to provide a great lockdown and play fast for a maximalist or heavy shoe. The large channel running through the middle of the bottom of the foot allows for super-efficient sliding. The Court FF 3 features pivot circles on the inside of the outsole where the big toe allows for that stopping power in your slides.

Asics Court FF 3 Novak with picture

The Asics Court FF 3 Novak is the most premium shoe we have on this list and I would say it doesn't fit everyone's taste. Again, if you are a very high-level player and want a specific lockdown fit with lots of side-to-side support then this shoe will be great, If not, I'd look elsewhere on this list.

Babolat Jet Mach 3

I have spoken about my love for this shoe before if you have read one of my previous blogs, if you haven't, let me tell you to stop what you are doing and go try these out. The Babolat Jet Mach 3's is one of the most well-rounded lightweight options on the market. Great durability, comfort, and stability all packed into 12.3 oz (size 10.5). The tread on the interior is built really nicely for those hot hard court slides.

Babolat Jet Mach 3 with picture of shoe

With a Michelin sole, this shoe starts just as quickly as it can stop. The Jet Mach 3's hold up to their name and if you are a player who prioritizes fast lightweight mobility you have to give these a shot.

Fila Mondo Forza

Definitely the most intriguing shoe on the market right now. Fila has really gone out of the norm with their new flagship shoe the Mondo Forza. They start with a '90s basketball look to them or reminiscent of what you would catch Andre Aggasi playing in. Designed to play with speed and power, this shoe has no break-in time and allows you to start sliding around the court. The unique outsole with split tread styles right down the middle of the shoe allows for superior multi-directional movement.

Fila Mondo Forza with picture

Fila decided to strike big going with this intriguing shoe. Along with the style, you walk away knowing that the shoe is made of 65% recycled PET. Polyethylene Terephthalate or PET is a fully recyclable plastic, meaning when you are done with the shoe you can recycle the shoe! Not every shoe can say its this sustainable. If you value comfort, lockdown, and great mobility the Fila Mondo Forza will be a shoe to try.

K Swiss Ultrashot 3

The updated version of the Ultrashots has really turned heads this past year, whether it is from the appearance or the level of performance. K Swiss has created a sleek aggressive shoe with maximum energy return and limitless movement capability. Since the Ultrashot 3 has great lockdown laces, it allows you as a player to slide comfortably without the worry of injuring yourself. Durability is king for the K Swiss performance shoe, from the toe guard to the draggaurd 7.0 on the outsole.

K Swiss Ultrashot 3 in army green

When considering the K Swiss Ultrashot 3, remember it is on the hefty side, so I recommend this as a support shoe for aggressive movers. You can find this shoe being worn by players like Cam Norrie, and Zizi Zhang on the ATP Tour.

New Balance Coco CG1

I'd argue to say that the Coco CG1s started the 90s aesthetics we keep finding in tennis shoes. This unisex shoe is fit for the modern player, responsiveness and performance are the driving attributes of this shoe. At first glance the outsole on the CG1's it does not seem to have any unique features that stand out but the shoe performs at the top of the list in terms of sliding and stopping. The simple but effective horizontal to diagonal grooves react perfectly underfoot allowing for ELITE pivoting and sliding.

New Balance Coco CG1 with picture

This is our top pick for sliders as it is in the middle of the road on weight and can fit most play styles while still hitting most of the other aspects people care about. The New Balance Coco CG1 is not just a women's shoe and I highly encourage everyone to try them out.

New Balance Fresh Foam X CT- Rally

The CT-Rally is the heir to the Fresh Foam X Lav's that were received well for two versions. The updated look reflects the current trends of a 90s shoe again but plays with the modern power we have today. Side-to-side powerful baseliners are going to love this shoe. Fresh Foam X is kept on the CT-Rally to ensure the utmost comfort. Along with this New Balance kept essentially the same outsole that the Lav's had which has excellent sliding capabilities.

New Balance Fresh Foam X CT- Rally with picture

New Balance changed the lacing system to create impressive foot lockdown making this shoe a top contender for best all-rounder. Looking for a shoe that will provide excellent support, deliver power, and allow aggressive sliding the New Balance Fresh Foam X CT-Rally is the shoe for you.

Nike Vapor 11

The Nike Vapor line has a long history of being one of the most beloved shoes. Through the iterations, we find ourselves checking out the Vapor 11s which feature the most support built into the shoe more than before, along with one of the flattest outsoles you'll find on the market, which makes it fit for sliding. Not too many shoes play as fast as the Vapor's, the low profile allows for top-level cutting through the court.

Nike Vapor 11 in the white blue and yellow colorway

Nike has a long list of athletes that have boasted this well-loved shoe. Currently, Lorenzo Musetti is one of the main faces of the current Nike Vapor 11. If you are looking for an aesthetically appealing shoe, that plays aggressively and fast with high-level cutting and sliding then look no further than the Vapor 11's.

Yonex Eclipsion 4

Yonex is now on their 4th version of the Eclipsion line improving support, flexibility, and power. The biggest difference in the outsole comes from the open space cutout under the middle part of the foot that has a zig-zag shape to it, while the pattern of the outsole stayed the same it gained spacing which allows this shoe to flex to each court surface really well.

Yonex Eclipsion 4 in rose colorway

The Yonex Eclipsion 4 is trusted by many ATP and WTA Tour-level players including Stan Wawrinka, Casper Ruud, Hubert Hurkacz, Elena Rybakina, and Linda Noskova. If you are in need of a trusted shoe that offers balanced play on all surfaces, provides plus movement (including sliding), and plush power throughout the shoe then choose the Yonex Eclipsion 4.


No matter if you are sliding once a match or a hundred times, we recommend that you take sliding seriously as it is very hard on the body and should be saved for advanced play. If I were selecting one shoe to use for sliding it would be the New Balance Coco CG1 as they are the most versatile shoe along with the best sliding. With that being said these were my top picks of the Best Tennis Shoes for Hard Court Sliding all offered by Tennis-Point that can provide the safety and game boosters needed for you to slide freely.

What is your favorite shoe on this list of the Best Tennis Shoes for Hard Court Sliders

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