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Lacoste L20 Tennis Racquet Review

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Lacoste is not a brand you usually associate with tennis racquets, but with their 2017 acquisition of Tecnifbre that reputation is beginning to change. And if the brand new Lacoste L20 tennis racquet is any indication, the brand doesn't plan on stopping its meteoric rise in the racquet world any time soon.

Elegance meets performance with the Lacoste L20 tennis racquet. Modernized by Tecnifbre, the Lacoste L20 offers excellent comfort with a unique feel and plus sound thanks to “X-DAMP” technology.

The racquet feels fast, comfortable and is perfect for most beginners, with its large sweet spot, soft feedback and easy power. The Lacoste L20 ensures the ideal amount of comfort thanks to a dynamic racquet vibration system. This frame also includes a variable string pattern, with a 16x19 string pattern with specific grommet spacing which helps with improved racquet performance. With the variable string pattern, the L20 features higher string density in middle of the racquet for controlled power & trajectory mastering lower string density closer to the frame for increased power & tolerance in case of off-center hits.

Desired performance, the L20 features a 100 square inch head, a comfortable 10.9 ounce strung weight with the 16x19 string pattern, marking it a great choice for players looking to hit the court with style and play with control and speed with a modern frame.

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