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Wilson Reverse Racquet Launch

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Wilson Tennis provides a fun cosmetic refresh of 3 of their best selling racquets: the Blade, Clash, and Ultra. With the new color scheme and same great performance that we have come to expect from Wilson, these racquets are a can’t miss.

Let’s take a look at how these new racquets look cosmetically, and what player profile each fits.

Wilson Blade

This cosmetic variation of the original Blade 16x19 v7 not only looks awesome, but also provides the outstanding control and feel we are used to from Wilson. Designed for today's aggressive game, the Wilson Blade serves as one of the most popular racquets on Tour for a reason: commanding feel. thinner, more flexible beams provide a strong connection and feel for the ball, inspiring players to dictate points. Equipped with a variety of specs, this versatile lineup boasts a sharp design for the next generation of hard-hitting players.

Player type: I am a big-hitter and I need a racket that allows me to feel the ball to attack my opponent.

Wilson Clash

Wilson also updates Clash 100, still one of the most flexible racquets on the market, with a fresh new reverse color scheme. While the color scheme got a nice update, the combination of speed, spin and feel remind the same. Powered by proprietary 3D Bending technology, Clash sports a revolutionary frame that bends in all-new dimensions while maintaining best-in-class stability. The result is a racket that exudes unmatched confidence with ultimate control and accuracy - a racket that delivers a playing experience unlike any before.

Player type: I want a racket that gives me total confidence to powerfully swing away, knowing my racket will give me unparalleled control on every shot.

Wilson Ultra

Our favorite of all three color schemes the Ultra, maintains its impressive combination of speed, spin and power - perfect for intermediate players. The Ultra redefines power and versatility. Sporting a frame geometry and grommet system optimized for effortless power, these rackets add a heavy dose of pace for easy depth on shots from all over the court. Featuring a wide variety of head sizes and swing weights, this lineup appeals to players across ability levels.

Player type: I play a variable style of tennis and want a racket that provides me with easy access to power, in order to make playing tennis effortless.

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