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The Adidas Barricade: The Legacy and Return

A Look Back

About 20 years ago, adidas launched the very first Barricade. From there, it evolved and expanded into one of the most recognizable shoe lines in tennis. It’s been worn by a long list of hall of famers, as well as hall of famers to be, helping them win the game’s biggest tournaments and titles. The shoe has served as the blueprint for the next iconic shoe line in tennis!

Despite being one of the most beloved tennis shoes on the market, Adidas announced it would replace its iconic Barricade Tennis Shoes with Sole Court Boost in late 2018.

Speaking of taking a look back, hear what our resident expert, Dave Limke had to say about the Adidas Barricade in 2012!

A Look Forward

They say fashion is cyclical, and apparently Adidas agrees. Adidas will celebrate the long rich history of the Adidas Barricade with an exclusive and limited restock of the shoe. For this 20th anniversary shoe, the Barricade will come in a remake of the 2018 Barricade - one of the most successful models in the line.

What's New?

This exclusive and limited restock will include an anniversary signoff on the sockliner and tongue label. This shoe also offers superior performance with a forged mesh upper that provides dynamic fit, comfort, and stability. Barricade chassis provides support and stability in the midfoot, and the forefoot is much freer to move and flex with each movement while maintaining iconic Barricade durability. The ballistic mesh and heat welded TPU upper improves flexibility and breathability while retaining its durability.

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