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Tennis Elbow the Cause and Cure

Injuries are the worst especially when they hold you back from playing the sport you love. Tennis elbow is no exception. It can be pretty painful and keep you off the court for weeks or sometimes months.

In this post, we'll take a look at what causes tennis elbow, the treatment options, and how Tennis-Point can be a resource for prevention.

What is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow is a consequence of overused muscles on the outer side of the elbow. It's caused by a repetitive motion and typically affects the dominant arm. Perpetual movements to the forearm, wrist, or hand, can cause tendons to become inflamed and sore.

The movements don't have to be vigorous, and tennis elbow can happen gradually or all at once. Its clinical name is Lateral Epicondylitis. Not to be confused with golf elbow, which affects the inside of the elbow, opposite tennis elbow.

Who Can Suffer from Tennis Elbow?

Roughly 2% of Americans are diagnosed with tennis elbow each year. But not all of those diagnoses are a result of a sports injury. Tennis elbow can also be a by-product of a job.

For example, painters develop tennis elbow from the monotonous stroking of a paintbrush and cooks can get it from the routine act of chopping, flipping, or sautéing food.

People that play tennis, whether competitively or recreationally, inherit a pattern for how they grip, lift, and swing their racquet. Likewise, tennis equipment plays a critical role in dealing with and even preventing injuries.

At the same time, pickleball players are susceptible to tennis elbow since they use similar methods to maneuver the paddles. They also have more wrist action when it comes to adding topspin and finessing the ball. Using the right pickleball gear is paramount.

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How do you Treat Tennis Elbow?

Treatments for tennis elbow depend on the damage. In most cases, rest is the remedy. But sometimes, when a micro-tear has occurred, surgery is required. On the bright side, 95% of all patients diagnosed will recover within 6 months.

You can also incorporate products into your court time that will help.

  • Nike Recovery Roller Bar helps to relieve soreness by massaging smaller muscle groups with its textured design.

  • Tourna Tennis Elbow Air Cell Support is an elastic compression strap that will give your arm reinforcement.

  • Theragun Mini offers portable, powerful treatment, and weighs less than 1.5 lbs.

  • BandIT Tennis Elbow Support w/ Magnet relieves the pain of tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome.

There are others too, and one of the best ways to cure tennis elbow is by addressing it early on. The minute you start feeling discomfort, take a break from the activity. Try stretching out your arm, wrist, and hand. Use a cold compress to reduce inflammation and minimize any pain. Always seek medical treatment if your condition persists or worsens.

Can you Prevent Tennis Elbow?

Although tennis elbow can be a little tricky to fix, it can easily be prevented. Here are some simple tips and remedies for avoiding this unpleasant injury.

First off, make sure you're using the right equipment. I know I mentioned this earlier, but I can't stress this enough. Consider using brands like Volkl, Yonex, Pro Kennex, and Tecnifibre who have added revolutionary technology to create comfort racquets.

Know your grip size. Clutching a racket or pickleball paddle that is too small can generate stress on your hand and arm. Mitigate this by bulking up the handle with an over-grip.

In the same way, using the right strings will make a world of difference. One illustration would be the Gamma Ocho TNT RX 16G. This string is made with natural material that dampens shock before it reaches the arm. It still offers excellent spin and power but with maximum comfort.

Additional suggestions include stretching before and after every hit, pacing your playtime, strength training, and developing proper techniques to avoid injury.

Find quality equipment and great prices at Tennis-Point, where we give you the advantage!

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