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Small Brand Winning Big: Why We Love Lucky In Love

The Beginning

Brad Singer, the founder of Lucky In Love, was born into the apparel business. It all started during WWI when his great-grandfather designed army apparel for the soldiers. Then his grandfather doubled down on the apparel business helping found a women’s apparel company called Covergirl Dresses of Miami, which was wildly successful. Not to be outdone, Singer’s mom and uncle helped found a company that you may have heard of - Tail! Singer eventually joined his family at Tail, which is where our story of Lucky and Love picks up.

While at Tail, Singer noticed an unmet demand for young girl’s tennis apparel. At the time Singer said,

“As I continued designing more collections, I learned my customers were not only purchasing items for their daughters but buying the larger kids’ sizes to wear themselves. I also saw that women wanted tennis apparel, which was functional and stylish. At the time, there were not many options with flare.”

(Pulled from Singer’s Interview with Brickell Magazine)

He got to work with his cousin Andrea Cherniak, which helped grow and expand Lucky in Love to the brand we know today.

10 Years Later

Since Lucky in Love’s inception back in 2010, the brand’s mission has remained the

same: To create one-of-a-kind performance wear that empowers women of all ages to

move with confidence and feel beautiful doing it.

I think it’s safe to say that the brand has accomplished that and much more. As Lucky In Love celebrates its 10 year anniversary it’s safe to say that Singer has achieved his vision and much much more.

Most importantly, Singer has never forgotten Lucky In Love’s roots: The City of Miami. He said that he believes it’s the energy and vibrancy of the city that shines through in so many of their collections, which has helped them maintain their fashion-forward designs and that straddle the line between fashion wear and streetwear, a truly unique line to straddle in the tennis world.

What’s Next?

What’s next? More crazy designs and innovative takes on tennis and fashion and how they go together, of course!

Lucky in Love is also committed to promoting wheelchair tennis and the amazing women who grace the sport - be on the lookout for their #SeeMeRoll campaign.

Check out their mission here: #SeeMeRoll.

A Message From the Midwest Family

“Cheers, Lucky in Love, it's been a great 10 Years! Midwest Sports was one of your first online tennis retailers and Brad Singer and his design team are still going strong... some of the best designers in the business! We can’t wait for the next 10 years!”

- Lisa Wolf, Midwest Sports

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1 Comment

Nancy Koenig
Nancy Koenig
Oct 11, 2022

Lucky and love has awful customer service when I order direct. They have nobody in customer service to talk to and they don't call back and they don't return emails. I will never buy their brand again.

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