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Breaking Down the New Racquets of 2021

Tennis racquet technology is always changing, with the top brands in tennis making updates to the look, feel, and technology in the racquets, it can be hard to keep up with what’s new and what’s already been phased out.

We’ve compiled a list of the newest racquets of 2021 and took the time to review each line, so whether you play singles and hit heavy groundstrokes from the baseline, or play doubles and like to serve and volley, below you will find the best tennis racquet for you!

The legendary Babolat Pure Drive series has been upgraded to fit today’s explosive player. Fast feeling and easy to handle, the latest Pure Drives bring spin-friendly, versatile performance to every shot. A selection of weights, lengths and head sizes means there's a Pure Drive to fit all levels from beginner through advanced. Babolat continues to lead the way by providing a best in class combination of speed, spin, power and precision.

New technology features within the 2021 Pure Drive series include the "HTR System," a new lay-up composition for an improved High Torsional Rigidity to yield unseen explosivity, especially on powerful shots played at high intensity. Babolat has also included "SWX Pure Feel" powered by SMAC. Babolat has extended the wrapping of "SMAC" technology. Babolat's cutting-edge vibration filtration system integrated into the lay-up provided an unrivaled feel at ball impact and a unique feel and sound on every shot. Babolat continues the use of "FSI Power" technology with optimized diamond grommets for a bigger sweet spot & an "Elliptic" frame construction.

Wilson Tennis provides a fun cosmetic refresh of 3 of their best selling racquets: the Blade, Clash, and Ultra. With the new color scheme and same great performance that we have come to expect from Wilson, these racquets are a can’t miss. As it has done with models in previous generations and other franchises, Wilson has flipped the cosmetics on the frames so the accent and base colors have swapped positions. That turns the Blade green, the Clash a fiery red and the Ultra a rich blue.

Other than their looks, nothing else has changed with the Reverse models. Each maintains the same specs and technologies as the traditional racquet. That means current users can seamlessly transition into the frames without any learning curve. It also might encourage players who liked the racquets but took umbrage with their appearance to take another look.

The Wilson Blade remains great for a player that is a big-hitter and needs a racket that allows them to feel the ball to attack their opponent.

The Clash flexes in new dimensions and is ideal for a player that wants a racket that gives them total confidence to powerfully swing away, knowing the racquet will give them unparalleled control on every shot.

The Ultra is built with the player who leans toward a more variable style of tennis and wants a racquet that provides them with easy access to power, in order to make playing tennis effortless.

This eye-catching Radical line from HEAD was developed with the versatile all-court player in mind, offering the perfect combination of power, control, and spin for the tournament level player.

New features in this Radical line include the implementation of Graphene 360 PLUS w/ Spiral Fibers into the frame. The combination of Head’s signature Graphene 360 technology for optimized energy transfer and the innovative “spiral fibers” for enhanced flex & a clean impact feel make this racquet a must-own.

Using graphene rings at 3,9 & 12 o'clock portions of the racquet -- Head has created less twist in the racquet which produces better energy transfer -- giving more power and additional control. Head has also implemented graphene into the shaft of the Radical Pro to enable counterweighted balance for power and maneuverability. The additional Graphene in the racquet head gives less frame flex so you get more power.

The Speed family of racquets sits between the classic control of the Prestige line and the modern power of the Extreme series. These racquets are perfect for all-court players looking for a good balance between power and control along with an arm-friendly feel and easy access to spin. With different head sizes and weights, this line is a great fit for an advanced player all the way down to a beginner!

Head freshens up the Speed racquet line with the all-new blacked out cosmetic look to the Graphene 360+ racquet line, as endorsed by Novak Djokovic.

This line is loaded with an array of new updates from Head Tennis. Starting with the Head implementing “Graphene 360+” into the Speed line with the combination of Head’s signature Graphene 360 technology for optimized energy transfer and the innovative “spiral fibers” for enhanced flex & a clean impact feel.

The Speed line comes with Head’s “Superactive stringbed” in which Head has widened the cross-strings adding power and spin to your game. It also comes with a dynamic frame construction -- built for increased speed. The strong shaft and shoulder area allows for increased stability and that solid feel and sound.

Billed as "an evolution of Dunlop’s original CX Series," the Flying D brand says the range has been re-engineered to provide players with total control of their spin, power and accuracy, with every style of shot.

The CX line is the first series to offer Dunlop’s new flex booster technology which features high-elasticity, vibration- damping layers in the racquet shaft that filter out vibrations. The system is built to give you good vibes when you hit the sweet spot. It's a less stiff, softer, more flexible feel without the loss of power to stay in control.

The racquets also feature sonic core made with Infinergy by BASF at 2 and 10 o’clock inside the hoop. Combined with power grid string tech , a redesigned string bed for greater accuracy , these technologies create a stick with a larger sweet spot and reduced shock impact, letting players control drives with comfort, power and ease.

The CX Series was developed by the Dunlop Srixon global Research and D evelopment team in Kobe, Japan with the racquets demonstrating a 5% reduction in shaft stiffness and a 10% reduction in vibrations compared to its previous model.

Yonex VCORE, one of the two flagship racquet series created by Yonex alongside the EZONE has some upgrades for the 2021 season!

Yonex has improved the VCORE to become an even more spin-friendly, aerodynamic frame. They’ve made some big updates adding key technology pieces to the racquet — including new 2G NAMD flex force & VDM.

The all-new 2G NAMD is incorporated in the upper throat to the lower frame, all-new FLEX FORCE graphite allows for the racquet to quickly flex and snapback for maximum spin potential. To help achieve faster head speeds for increased spin potential, Yonex’s Aero Trench reduces drag by uniquely hiding the grommets located at the top of the frame. This allows for easy maneuverability. Further adding to that spin potential, Yonex engineered straight grommet hole grommets that allow for more string movement on outer areas of the racquet.

The new VCORE features Yonex’s signature racquet technology, Isometric Shape which generates a 7% larger sweet spot for great control without sacrificing power Yonex also improved the damping of the frame by including a stretchy mesh material (VDM) wrapped around the graphite within the grip to filter unwanted vibrations. .

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