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Midwest Sports Reviews the Wilson Blade 98 v7

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

The 7th version of the most popular frame within the Blade family gets a brand new tri-colored design to go with state-of-the-art innovations for next-level performance.

The Blade 98 brings awesome added performance to the court thanks to some excellent updates from Wilson. Let's dive into the review!

THE GOOD This 7th version is more slightly head-light than the previous version & includes "FeelFlex" technology, an evolution to Clash's "FreeFlex" technology, which Wilson has implemented a proprietary carbon mapping strategically placed throughout the hoop of racquet for better connected-to-the-ball feel and additional flexibility. Wilson has also refined the top of the grip with an all-new "Top Grip Taper" which provides a more comfortable top-hand grip placement. Wilson continues the use of Braided Graphite + Basalt composition which improves the flex of the racquet to produce enhanced feel and control. Parallel Drilling also continues which helps provide a consistent, more forgiving string bed response.

THE BAD In the past, I have always felt that Blade has been somewhat erratic and unpredictable, but in this 16/19 it felt at home right away. One drawback, if you can call it that, is that you must really swing through every shot. With this new softer flex, you will also get more feel and control, but with that, you also must understand that the power level drops a little bit.

THE BASELINE Overall, the all-new 2019 Blade 98 v7 features that 98 square-inch head, with a comfortable 11.4 ounce-strung weight to go with a more opened 16x19 string pattern -- all adding up to that traditional feeling racquet tailored towards that advanced player that places a premium on control & feel.

THE GALLERY Here are few comments made by Midwest customers who purchased the Wilson Clash 98 v7:

Having owned the past two incarnations of the Blade I can say this one is my favorite. Similar, but not quite as stiff as the previous model allowing for increased feel around the net. I also find it easier to impart topspin and hold the ball that fraction longer needed for a slow rolling pass. The increased flex also aids the slice serve, again giving me that extra racquet/ball dwell connection. Great frame!" - Byran

"Exceptional player control racket. More forgiving on the arm than the previous version. The extended grip for 2 hand backhand is a plus. Great all around racket for those who like control, touch and feel." - Ryan

"I like the power and control I have with this racquet. My partner got it , and I liked it so much that I got the same one." - Kristin

"Perfect weight. Buttery flex. Used the Pure Drive and Wilson Ultra 100 CV for a long time. I was having issues keeping the ball in the court bc there was so much power in those frames. The level of control and feel I had when demoing the Blade v7 was mind blowing. It’s an outstanding racquet if you can produce you’re own power and are looking to paint the lines on command." - Ian

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