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Top Level Brands: LUXILON

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Last week we had the opportunity to learn more about one of the most successful and prestigious brands in tennis. Global Product Manager Andreas Bergen presented an in-depth overview to help us further understand why Luxilon has been one of the staples of the sport for many years.

Stat of the Day: 102 out of the Top 200 men & women in the world use Luxilon string. Meaning 50% of ATP/WTA Tour use their product (60% of tournament winners)

Background & Functionality of Luxilon

As some of you probably know, the family-owned company name was derived from “luxury nilon”, back when they opened for business in 1959. Although the company has grown exponentially since breaking onto the scene, just 25 folks work in the entire company. Since 2005, Wilson has been their lone distributor in the market and that relationship has allowed them to focus solely on the quality of their products. Wilson also handles the marketing as well as the ATP/WTA Tour management. Lastly, the customer should know that Luxilon prioritizes long-term sustainability and eco-friendly business practices. Their headquarters in Belgium is 100% powered by 1,500 solar panels on the rooftop and is home to two flourishing beehives.

Did You Know: Luxilon manufactures medical grade filaments (commonly used in sutures, stent grafts, braided textiles & human hair) and use this same quality control process in their tennis strings!

The Strings


-All about power, yet controlled, & great spin potential

-Proprietary Luxilon blend of polyester and aluminum flakes for enhanced performance

-Most popular Luxilon string on ATP/WTA Tour

ALU Power 115, 120, 125, 130

ALU Power Rough 125, 130

ALU Power Spin 127

ALU Power Fluoro 123

ALU Power Soft 125

Tour Players: Roger Federer (hybrid) & Karen Khachanov


-30% more tension maintenance than other Luxilon strings, yet still durable

-Ultimate control

-2nd most popular Luxilon string on ATP/WTA Tour

4G 125, 130

4G Rough 125

4G Soft 125

Tour Players: Serena Williams & Stefanos Tsitsipas


-Softer Luxilon string for more comfort and ball pocketing

-Multi-mono w/ unique Luxilon polymer for ultimate feel and touch

-Ideal for hybrids, juniors, or player seeking "comfort" poly.

Element 125, 130

Element Rough 130

Tour Players: Gael Monfils & Gilles Simon


-Luxilon Liquid Crystalline Polymer construction for well balanced/high performance play at a lower price point

Adrenaline 125, 130

Adrenaline Rough 125

Tour Player: Andrey Rublev


-Similar to Adrenaline, but with hexagonal string shape.

Savage Black, White 127


-Co-extruded polyester w/ 2 different proprietary Luxilon raw materials

-Great performance at low tensions, arm-friendly

-Feel somewhere between multifilament + classic poly

Smart 125, 130

Natural Gut

-9 serosa ribbon construction, organic grass-fed cows for higher collagen levels - enhanced feel and durability.

-Low friction coating

-Made in Ireland

Natural Gut 130, 125

Trends in the Market

- Players are now leaning more towards using a thinner string (1.25mm or thinner)

- Players are getting strung at lower tensions (Luxilon recommends to string 10% lower on their poly strings)

"We manufacture one roll at a time. Each set is done individually ensuring the quality doesn't drop." - Andreas Bergen

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