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Kelli Niehaus (University of Cincinnati) on The Slice w/ Nate Walroth 🎾

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Kelli Niehaus | Class: Freshman | From: Cincinnati, OH | HS: Mount Notre Dame | Studying: Business |

Previously trained: @ Queen City Racquet Club & Riverside Athletic Club in Cincinnati

Racquet: Wilson Ultra

Q: Why did you ultimately end up choosing the Bearcats?

KN: Honestly, I didn’t see myself staying this close to home, but then I visited….and I just really liked everything about it. The campus’ atmosphere, the people, the coaches. I saw the team as a good fit for me. It also has a good reputation academically. I really liked everything about it.

Q: How do you compare college tennis to high school (the travel, workouts, schedule, etc)? & you and your partner recently had a big win against Kentucky in doubles. I assume that environment was fun.

KN: It’s way more intense. The practices and workouts and what not. It has more of a team aspect to it than high school too. Yes, that was an exciting win for us. Beating a good team like Kentucky. It was fun.

I’m really looking forward to the spring and going on road trips with the team. Just bonding and hanging out because we went to different tournaments during the fall (season). It’s going to be fun to get closer.

Q: You grew up with older siblings who also play(ed) in college. Were you guys always competing?

KN: Yes, definitely. It was fun growing up in a tennis family. We all played a lot together as kids and as a family. I still hit with Sandy. She’s still really good (laughs). [Sandy Niehaus – OSUBuckeye 2013-2017 – 54th ranked singles player in NCAA as a senior. Andrew Niehaus – NKU Norse 2017- current ]

Q: Have you gotten a hit session in with Coach Kat (Adamovic) yet?

KN: I just hit with her like a half hour ago (laughs). Shes great. She’s been through everything we are about to go through, so she’s really good relating to us. Also, really good at tennis (laughs). (Kat is a former All-American @ Oklahoma State University)

Q: She hits a good ball and I enjoy watching her intensity as a coaching…

KN: Oh yeah. She is still very good. Yep. She does the same drills with us that she did at OSU, I think that’ll help us too. It got her to a very high level.

Q: What player(s) on tour are you a fan of?

KN: I mean I love….everybody loves Federer and Nadal. They’re awesome though. Then with the women, I am a big fan of Simona Halep. I really like how she plays.

Q: Who are you rooting for in the finals tonight?

KN: I am rooting for Thiem to win his first major. I just feel like he’s had so many chances in finals and he deserves to have his (breakthrough). He’s been playing unbelievable.

Q: Will you watch?

KN: I don’t know. Will it be worth getting up at 3AM to watch? (laughs) It might be. I just know I need sleep!

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