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Head Graphene 360+ Radical Review

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

All new for 2021, Head introduces the Radical Pro with Graphene 360+ technology! This eye-catching Radical Pro was developed with the versatile all-court player in mind, offering the perfect combination of power, control, and spin for the tournament level player. We had our product tester Nate Walroth review this brand new racquet from HEAD. Nate played collegiately at Bellarmine University. Let’s check out what he had to say.

The Good: New features into this Radical Pro include the implementation of Graphene 360 PLUS w/ Spiral Fibers into the frame. The combination of Head’s signature Graphene 360 technology for optimized energy transfer and the innovative “spiral fibers” for enhanced flex & a clean impact feel make this racquet a must-own. Additionally, HEAD added graphene into the shaft of the Radical Pro to enable counterweighted balance for power and maneuverability.

NW: This racquet is very solid and easily controlled at contact. The Radical is able to create decent pop and spin (specifically slice), but different strings at a lower tension may help both areas even more (demoed Wilson Sensation @ 56 lbs). On serve it seemed this racquet handled the slice most effectively. Spiral 360+ treatment provides a firm well connected ball feel, while keeping the frame from being too harsh. The stability of the racquet on contact stood out instantly (point & shoot). Slices were easy and it has really nice touch and feel.

The Bad: While HEAD made some great additions to the new Head Graphene 360+, it still remains a racquet best suited for advanced players. It’s also a bit bulked up with a 5-gram weight increase, so it may take some getting used to for a player used to a lighter racquet. All in all though, we saw very little drawbacks from this new HEAD racquet.

NW: While the power is there when you need it...the sweet spot is still tighter to add pace. It’s more forgiving than most thin beam sticks, especially on semi framed balls, but still a stick recommended for clean ball strikers. The Radical is not a spin monster, but advanced players can usually generate enough racquet speed to make the ball jump or skid.

The Baseline: The Head Radical Pro continues to feature Dynamic String Pattern which allows for more forgiveness for players that like to take bigger swings out on the ball. With the 98 square inch head, an 11.7 ounce strung weight, and an open 16x19 string pattern the new Radical Pro is a great new option for a tournament-level player.

NW: Compared to the XT and other older versions...this racquet is much improved. It has great weight distribution, that makes it fast and more maneuverable through the air while maintaining good plow (swing weight). The thin beam and light weight combined with a wholesome feel on contact make this a great racquet for precise baseline players. Volleying and the slice backhand never felt easier.

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