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Feedback on TennisOne – A Tennis Live Scoring App for ATP/WTA Events

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

If you haven’t heard already, TennisONE is quickly climbing the ranks as the new favorite app for die-hard tennis fans around the globe. The concept of a live tennis scoring app is nothing new, but hanging out with your friends or tennis personalities (digitally) is an appetizing innovation. The void seems to be filled that the ATP/WTA Live app left.

TennisONE’s app is the future with unique features like CrowdVIEW & check-ins with your favorite players

First and foremost, you are greeted with the app logo. We are big fans of the aesthetics of the branding here. The simple yet impressionable app logo adds an athletic icon to your home screen.

When your finger graces the friendly tennis ball on your screen, you are welcomed by an animation of epic proportions. You can tell this animation took time to flesh out and by our standards it is worth EVERY. SINGLE. MEGABYTE. of storage on our devices.

The considerate developers of TennisONE provide a curated user experience.

They offer a quick overview of it’s capabilities and how to utilize it. This helps those who typically don’t read the manual. You are able to easily select your favorite tournaments, search and follow your favorite players, and you can enable notifications for match starts, scores, set & match wins/losses.

Former Dutch professional tennis player Sven Groeneveld, who most recently worked as Maria Sharapova's coach was quoted on a video about TennisOne saying:

I believe that TennisOne is really innovative in how they approach the overall market and the interaction with the fan and really making it more personal, you know the human element is so important to connect with the fans to connect through a portal and that portal not only allows you to broadcast the matches, but also then commentate and then interact with people, your audience that are watching, i mean come on.. This is what people are looking for.. This is what people want and yes.. Then maybe you’d want to sit there for 3 hours because you're interacting with people that are your peers or your fanbase..

Overall, this app seems like a must have from the rumbles amongst our peers and our experience with it. We would highly recommend this app to all tennis fans as CrowdVIEW is the future for digital viewing.

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