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Best Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet 2023

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Stepping out onto the court each day there are a few things you can control. Your shoes are your point of contact, the source of your power. Every foot is unique in regards to shape and arch and that's why it's important to find the one that fits YOU. In this article we will showcase the Best Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet that Tennis-Point has to offer.

Best Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet 2023

All the options discussed below are marquee performance sneakers in the market. Read through to the finish and you'll find our top pick! If you have a specific brand we will be going in alphabetical order so feel free to scroll to see if it made the list. Men's Shoes & Women's Shoes are included in this article. Let's go!

Team Yellow Picks

If you have ever owned a pair of ASICS you know you're getting shoes that have offer durability and great comfort. The Gel Resolution 9s are no different, in fact I'd venture to say this is the best tennis shoe ASICS has ever made. The previous version was known the be the best shoe on the market and now they improved comfort and breathability.

Asics Gel Resolution 9s with Picture of shoe

Find the likes of many pros in these shoes, Iga Swiatek, Matteo Berrettini and Chris Eubanks. If you are in need of a stable, comfortable, and fast shoe this checks all the boxes. The ASICS Gel Resolution 9 2E comes with a 6-month outsole warranty and comes in at a respectable price point for the premium shoe.

Largely known for their racquets, Babolat has recently had a lot more success in the shoe market. Mostly stemming from the Jet Mach 3 being so dang good. Housing Michelin rubber on the outsole to ensure you stop faster than a car, these shoes play fast and light while offering support in the medial side of your foot.

Babolat Jet Mach 3 shoe with picture

Whether you're looking for a wide shoe that plays fast or offers more support this shoe offers both. I have personally been wearing these as of late and feel confident in them on both the tennis court and pickleball court. I had never worn a Babolat shoe and found the comfort to be very comparable to the original ASICS Gel-Solution Speeds.

With a slip on tongue the Fila Speed Serve Energized will fit like a glove to your foot. This shoe comes listed as medium width but is definitely wide enough to house most feet. There is a ton of ground feel with these shoes, at times too sticky in the beginning of the shoes life cycle. Durability will be great on this shoe due to the TPU wrapping all over the top part of the toe. After some play this shoe's outsole does let up and allow for great sliding.

Fila Speed Serve Energized with picture

Looking for a super comfortable shoe I would steer away from this shoe as it is geared more for players that like to feel the court and aggressive movers (sliding). Again these are definitely made for a specific wide foot that is wanting to play low to the ground and move around the court quickly.

Mizuno has been a sleeper brand this year in the tennis world. The Wave Exceed Tours were great for narrow feet and now they may have outdone themselves with the new addition of the Wave Enforce Tour. This shoe fits wider feet more comfortably. Zach The Foot Doctor has described this shoe as the best on the market. Lockdown is superb on this shoe since the ankle collar is linked to the laces and allows tightening on to your ankle so you limit that heel slippage.

Mizuno Wave Enforce Tour with picture of shoe

An all-court all around shoe in the maximalist category that hits aces on all marks. Durability is great, speed is great, and has great sliding capabilities. I don't think there are any flaws with this shoe unless you are turned off by the aesthetics.

Going out on a limb here but if you're reading this as a wide foot player, you have probably owned a pair of New Balance before. They make wide versions in all their shoes and do a great job keeping the functions of those shoes. On the more classic style of New Balance you have the 1006. If you want a fast lightweight shoe that fits most play styles look for the 796 v3 or 996 v5. Then you have the support/maximalist style shoes that still offer all the all court playability that the light ones do and those are the Coco CG1 and Fresh Foam Lav v2.

New Balance Shoes with picture

The 996 being a mid-lightweight shoe with great aspects across the board makes this the most versatile shoe in the New Balance Family, fitting the widest range of players. The 996 v5s have improved since the v4 by adding more support in the arch area and increasing the toe drag durability. I will likely be moving to this shoe after I bottom out my current pair. With New Balance having so many wide options on the price board its a good place to start your search. Coco Gauff, Tommy Paul and JJ Wolf sport New Balance.

Nike Zoom Vapor Pro 2 D (Women's Only)

For awhile, Nike did not offer wide shoes, they opted to create a women's wide version of the popular Vapor Pro 2. I find myself sometimes looking for a shoe that fits more traditionally. That's how I would describe the Vapor Pros, they aren't trying to reinvent the wheel. They are a midrange simple shoe with solid aspects to them.

Nike Zoom vapor pro 2 with picture

Great for sliding due to the large rubber toe wrap, and it plays into the fact that they play on the quicker side. If you need a lot of support I don't know that I would advise these shoes for you as it is more of a dense foam that just offers solid comfort with nothing built in to help your foot. The main stability comes in the flange on the outside part of the shoe that helps stop you in your slides. I would add a orthotic in here for added foot stability. Keep in mind this is a women's shoe only! You will find Andrey Rublev, Karen Khachanov and Petra Kvitova in these shoes.

Wilson tennis shoes really exploded onto the scene with their Wilson Rush Pro 4.0s having great success. The Rush Pro Aces are essentially the same shoe with less technology. Extremely popular in the pickleball world as well as it has solid side to side stability at a low weight. Although, these are very popular in pickleball they pass all the tests to be a great tennis shoe.

Wilson Rush Pro Ace

Harboring some of the best breathability and comfort on the market at this price point. The construction and look may be simple but it maximizes the components achieving premium feel in a mid-budget shoe. You can pretty much slip these on and head straight into match play as there is pretty much no break in time.

Now for the top pick! The Diadora BluShield Torneo 2s, you may be saying diawho? But trust me when I say these shoes are awesome. If you haven't heard of Diadora they are an Italian brand who has been around for 75 years, they were popularized by Björn Borg in the 70s and as of late more popular in Lifestyle clothing. Back to the Blushield Torneo 2s this shoe is one of the most comfortable tennis shoes I have ever worn.

Diadora Blushield Torneo 2 with picture

I never felt bogged down by their weight since they are technically a heavier shoe weighing in at 15.4 oz size 10.5 men's. The breathability is super with more of a traditional mesh on the top portion of the toe box while not sacrificing durability since the toe drag is supported with a double layer of TPU. You can achieve all court game with this shoe very easily and there really isn't any huge downsides. If you are above a 2E I would go up 1/2 a size.


In short, there are many options out there now for different foot shapes especially wide feet. Don't be afraid to try brands you haven't tried before and find what fits your feet the best. That will enable you to play your best tennis. I think the Diadora Blushield Torneo 2 will be the best for most, but all these have a player that fits them. Find Best Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet 2023 from Tennis-Point where the options are vast, premium and priced low so click here to get your shoes today!

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