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Best October Tennis Prime Deals

Updated: Oct 11, 2023


Prime Day is here, and tennis enthusiasts, it's time to gear up for some smashing deals! Whether you're a seasoned player or just getting started with the sport, this year's Prime Day offers a golden opportunity to upgrade your tennis game without breaking the bank. From racquets to shoes, apparel, and accessories, there's something for every tennis lover out there. Lucky for us its not just one day, its Prime Week at Tennis-Point and they will have these door-busting deals for 8 days starting October 7th! Let's dive into the Best October Tennis Prime Deals that will have you acing the court in no time!

Best October Tennis Prime Deals


The heart of any tennis player's arsenal is their racket. Tennis-Point's Prime Deals offer discounts on some of the top racquets. Including the recently retired Roger Federer's signature stick the Wilson Pro Staff v13. Along side this racquet are huge deals on Head Racquets from some Major Champions in Coco Gauff and Novak Djokovic, these deals include the Head Boom, Head Radical, and Head Speed. The last racquet that should not be missed is the Babolat Pure Strike, a great control frame that should provide some consistency. Get up to 120$ off specific racquets listed!

Shoes A solid pair of tennis shoes is essential for both comfort and performance on the court. Prime Week showcases deals on some of the most reputable tennis shoe brands. Look for features like cushioning, stability, and durability to ensure your feet stay happy during intense matches. Find awesome deals in Men's and Women's shoes with the adidas Barricade 2023s, and Nike Zoom Vapor 11s both truly premium performance shoes. Consider yourself a recreational player, check out the Head Sprint Pro 3.5s or the K-Swiss Hypercourt Express. Lastly for those out there with wide feet, there may not be another better option then the Babolat Jet Mach WIDE III's. Find prime shoe deals up to 50% off!


Tennis fashion has come a long way, and Prime Week offers an array of stylish and functional tennis apparel options. From moisture-wicking shirts and skirts to breathable shorts and dresses, you can upgrade your tennis wardrobe without the premium price tag. Whether you like to sport Nike, adidas and others, there are tons of Tennis Prime Deals on apparel with some surpassing 50% off!


Don't overlook the importance of tennis accessories. Prime Week discounts extend to items like tennis bags, hats, headbands, and more. Ensure your equipment is in top-notch condition, so you're always ready for that epic match. These deals range all the way up over 40% off. My personal favorite is the Tecnifibre Tour Endurance RS 12 Pack Tennis Bag, sporting some nice style as well as plenty of room for all your gear on match day or tournament weekends!


Prime Week is the best time for tennis enthusiasts to score big discounts on essential gear and equipment. Whether you're a casual player or a dedicated competitor, upgrading your tennis arsenal has never been more affordable. Don't miss out on these fantastic deals that can help you serve, volley, and rally your way to tennis success. Check out the Best October Tennis Prime Deals at Tennis-Point during Prime Week starting October 7th and get ready to serve your way through the competition!

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